Friday, December 20, 2013

THE WHY: A Quick Guide To Green Boating

A lot of people see green approaches as one of life’s many ‘shoulds’. However, investing in the environmental standard of your marina or boat club has very real paybacks and benefits that directly benefit you whether you’re a member or a manager.

  • Keep up with the competition – we all know your marina is the best, but it won’t be a fair contest if it is lagging in the green sector. Prioritising green practices not only keeps your harbour as great as it is, it ensures everybody else knows that too.
  • Save money – monitoring your energy and water usage often reveals a lot of unnecessary surplus. Cut your bills by clamping down on clumsy wastage, and lower your landfill tax by encouraging recycling onsite.
  • Securing new members – the uptake of such green methods as recycling and energy saving in the domestic world means that prospective members may expect such measures as standard practice. Considering the necessity of new members to the future of your marina or harbour, it just isn’t worth losing them to greener competition.
  • Prepare for tightening environmental laws – frequent changes to EU legislation are not uncommon, and when environmental issues are in vogue, it’s a good idea to stay ahead of the green game.
  • Qualify for TYHA’s Gold Anchor Scheme – put your harbour on the map for the right reasons. Environmental practices account for 15% of the overall marking criteria – a significant loss if there are no practices in place.

Now you know why it matters, click over to our guide that covers the ‘how’.

For more information and for comprehensive resources, The Green Blue have got it covered:

Alternatively, you can visit our website, or tweet us @Aquacote.

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