Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sustainable/Long-Lasting Gifts For Boaties

Gifts for Boaties

If you’re bored of settling for gift vouchers and another waterproof coat, take a look at these fresh ideas to warm the cockles of every boat lover’s heart.

LED lights 
This is real slow-burning gift. According to Marine Lighting, 1 LED bulb can last up to 60,000 hours. That’s 6.8 years of non-stop shining 24 hours per day. However mundane it may seem gifting light bulbs for Christmas, when they haven’t had to change a light bulb onboard for 6 years, the recipient will be more than grateful.

Sketching classes
Every now and again, getting off the boat and staying on the hard can renew your appreciation for your favourite habitat. Sketching requires nothing more than a pad and paper, but can give you a brand new view of a familiar place. What better than gaining a relaxing skill? Maybe they’ll even sketch you.

Cookbook for Onboard Dinners –
Being out at sea, recipes that require long cooking times and multiple appliances just won’t cut it. Get the tips from people who understand the challenges of life afloat. And as an extra gift for you, Discover Boating have done all the hard work and summarised their favourite 10.

There’s no better sight than the open water ready for your boat. Let your loved ones relive their joy by giving them a GoPro. Specialising in sports film, these high-tech cameras can capture all your boating action whilst keeping your hands free to capture the moment.

Sailcloth Accessories (Sails and Canvas)
From bags and holdalls to cushions and beanbags – prolong the life of used sails by giving a gift made from recycled sailcloth is sure to float their boat. Multiple online options exist, but to name a few, try out Sailtech, Quba, and Atlantic Rigging.

As a bonus, these gifts were all selected for their longevity and/or sustainability. The foul release products from the Aquacote range are no different. Although they are all designed with multi-seasonality in mind, you won’t need to wait long to appreciate their performance.

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