Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pet Peeves, Plus A Press Release

Forget traffic jams and housework – nobody understands pet peeves like boat owners.

Taking friends and family out can be a great chance to show your nearest and dearest what’s so great about the world at sea. However, and it’s a big however, this only works if they’re not doing the following:

  • Wearing black-soled shoes. Everybody makes mistakes, but when these mistakes involve black marks across your deck, they’re not OK. 
  • Eating cheese puffs. All orange foods are banned. Surprisingly, dried-on orange-crusted fingerprints were not part of the grand design for your boat’s decoration. At least orange and black look good together.
  • Refusing to wear life jackets because they don’t look good. Even though they’ve embellished your boat with orange and black, you still want them to be safe. You’ve got to really care about somebody to let them come aboard with you – the least they can do is return the favour by caring about their own safety!
  • ‘Forgetting’ to share the fuel costs – this is a sore spot regardless of the vehicle. Car etiquette acknowledges the need to offer petrol money. Oddly, this etiquette is rarely carried over to maritime vessels, despite the fact that your engine is multiple times larger than that of a car. Whoever worked out the finances on that one did a very bad job.

However, your passengers can do all of these things – they can even play musical chairs whilst you’re underway and you can forgive and forget their faux pas, because they’re still less irritating than the number one pet peeve.

Propeller fouling.

In a world that can put computerised technology into eyewear, how are you still losing your boat speed and fuel efficiency to barnacles?

Luckily for you, we’ve got a solution.

Introducing Propcote, the revolutionary new foul release coating designed specifically for propellers. Built on 8 years of research, this ultra-adhesive glaze won’t let you down mid-season. By smoothing the painted surface on a molecular level, even the toughest fouling species simply wipe away.

Welcome to the future of antifouling.

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