Monday, January 6, 2014

Keep It Simple

In a world where possessions and aspirations are king, simplicity is profusely underrated.

You’ll know better than any that nothing quite beats the simple pleasure of being alone at sea with a clear sky and an equally clear head. Should you saturate the boat with passengers and unnecessary equipment, your thoughts also begin to clog and underperform.

It’s coming up to one week after the turn of the New Year and, typically speaking, many of us are probably occupied with resolutions to ‘better ourselves’. As fun as it may be to criticise ourselves for not fitting into last year’s wetsuit, or for ‘forgetting’ that you promised to clear out the garden shed, self-punishment isn’t the answer.

One resolution that’s both realistic and rewarding is to make things easy for yourself. By removing the unnecessary from our lives, we are forced to dedicate our attention to the things that actually matter.

To really make things easy, it’s always best to start small.

Take your boat, for example. For maximum enjoyment, you want to spend as little time as possible on maintenance. We want to make it really simple for you. We care like that.

Maintaining your propeller can be an arduous task. When antifouling, you don’t want to spend all that sanding, mixing, and application time, just to dive down six months later to find a small town’s worth of barnacles on the blades.

Propcote doesn’t want that either.

With one simple application, you won’t need to worry for the rest of the season. The formula’s non-stick technology means even the toughest of barnacles will slip off with the push of one finger. Simply grab a squeegee and reveal the mirror-finish you admired on the first day of application.

Now doesn’t that sound better? We certainly think so.

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