Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Low-down On The British Boating Big Dogs

With the London Boat Show coming up, it’s very exciting to be a part of the maritime industry, but being part of the British Marine Federation makes it even better. Here are 6 of the many things that makes BMF membership great.

1.    BMF Membership Awareness Day
Every year the BMF host Membership Awareness Day, which offersnew membersa chanceto meet BMF staff, network with other members, and to learn about the services they’re entitled to. What’s not to like about kicking off with a free mini party for you and a partner from your business?
2. Since it has been around for over 100 years, they have access to some very cool vintage photography: 


Artsy or what?

3. They’ve got multiple awards to prove how great they are, the most recent of which being the prestigiousExhibition of the Year award (2009) at Southampton Boat Show. Adorned with multiple other titles, they're not exactly bad friends to have.

4. Speaking of friendship, BMF are pals with some of the biggest names in the maritime industry, so being a member is like being friends with the ones at the popular table in high school. The RYA, Maritime Coastguard Agency, and British Waterways are just a few of the key names you can expect to see.

5. BMF runs the ‘On The Water’project.They really love the world on water, and want everybody else to enjoy it too. The number of active boaters currently stands at around 3.2million, but they want to increase that number even further. From canoeing to inland boating, they hold events to encourage activity all year. This year’s cycle concludes with January’s London Boat Show.

6. They set up The Green Blue project to drive environmental awareness. With help from the Royal Yacht Association (RYA), they endeavour to help all boating participants to reduce their impact on the health of our water bodies. However, the project goes beyond simply raising awareness to conduct relevant scientific research, and seeking out environmentally-considerate products to best advise those wishing to increase the sustainability of their current boating practices.
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