Sunday, December 8, 2013

THE BASICS: Is the Aquacote System For Me?

…Even in low-foul areas?
Aquacote is suitable for a wide range of marine environments. In low-foul areas, you may feel unjustified in using traditional antifouling, as your boat does not need much protection. However, even in these areas, foul can still disrupt your boat’s performance over time, despite its slow accumulation rate. Because Aquacote doesn’t rely on biocides, you don’t have to worry about half-life and toxicity. As well as leaving an attractive mirror finish, it provides a low-maintenance solution that lasts up to 10 years without reapplication.

…Even if I’m new to boating?
The application process requires no mixing or specialist knowledge– just open the tin are paint it on. The Aquacote System 100 even includes special rollers to make the application pain-free and straightforward. With its attractive finish, even first-time boat owners are soon to be the talk of the boatyard.

…Even if I plan on selling my boat?
Practical Boat Owner Magazine said it themselves: at the moment, it is a buyers’ market. Even if it’s in great condition, applying the Aquacote System 100 is a good idea before sale. When selling a car, a recent MOT and a few months left of road tax are bonus features that encourage buyers to pay a higher price. In terms of protection from fouling, a boat treated with Aquacote needs little to no annual maintenance for up to 10 years. Such a long-term benefit is a significant advantage as a seller.

…Even if there’s old antifoulant on the boat’s surfaces?
Traditional antifouling paints tend to lose efficacy over time. For best results, they require reapplication every few years. Switching to the Aquacote system will free you from this cycle, as there is no need for annual reapplication. Although it is ideal to apply Aquacote to an untreated service, we know that the ideal and the realistic seldom match up. For this reason, Aquacote is designed to work effectively even over old antifouling paint. A good sand down, followed by applying Aquacote Base 100 is enough to cut you from your chains of reapplication.

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